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Tailored To You – If you wish to have a treatment or a selection of treatments (2 or more 30min Tasters or 60mins+ Full treatments), but not sure what you want, please give me a call and we’ll sort out a therapy session that’s right for you.


Barter System

In this day and age when everything has a price, wouldn't it be nice to go back to the old ways? One good turn derserves another? Well for those of you interested, I am open to any Barter/Swapsie offers. Please click on the picture icon and/or CONTACT me if you'd like to give it a try..

Gift Vouchers - The ideal Present for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Special Events (Easter, Mothers/Fathers Day, Valentines) and/or simply to say you care. An excellent gift for everyone of all ages (complimentary Gift Vouchers provided). You can purchase in advance all Treatments and/or Various Gift Vouchers (amounts) from my Web shop (quick link) RETAIL THERAPY

Prices - Please contact me for other discounts and promotions. Prices below are based on treatments being carried out at the Holistic Practice in Calne (prices may vary slightly within the Satelite rooms). In special circumstances, Home visits may be arranged, but will incur an additional charge (based on location/mileage). Thank you..



Please note these are excluded from any promotions and/or discounts (as they are already a truly holistic bargain). 

If you would like to put together your own Truly Holistic Package, please give me a call and I'll be happy to arrange it with you. Remember ALL Treatments are tailored to you, the individual..

Mini Treatment Sessions

These are shorter versions of the Full Treatment. Some treatments lend themselves very well to this and others such as Thermal Auricular Therapy do not. Your choice of mini treatments, making every session as individual as you are. Not sure what works, please CONTACT me.

60 min - Mini Bronze Session Especially for You = £30

A choice of 2 mini treatments in any combination ie Tibetan Face Massage and Lymphatic Back Massage or Pregnancy Massage and Chinese Hand Massage, etc..

90 min – Mini Silver Session Especially for You = £45

A choice of 3 mini treatments in any combination ie Holistic Back Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Head Wrapping Massage or Indian Head Massage, Tibetan Face Massage and a Holistic Facial, etc..

120 min – Mini Gold Session Especially for You = £60

A choice of 4 mini treatments in any combination ie Head Anointing Massage, Tibetan Face Massage, Holistic Facial, Lymphatic Drainage Back Massage or Thai Foot Massage, Chinese Hand Massage, Holistic Leg and Holistic Arm Massage, etc..


Full Treatment Pamper Session

These are truly Pamper-tastic sessions, indulging in an extra helping of 'You Time'. With an extensive choice of Full Treatments available, these are by far

the best way of achieving total relaxation and truly great holistic results. 

This is your time and we can fill it how every you'd like, a friendly chat and herbal tea/spring water always in plentiful supply. Need some suggestions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT me.

2 hrs – Silver Pamper Session = £65

A choice of 2 full treatments ie a detoxing Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Massage and a nourishing Holistic Facial.

3 hrs – Gold Pamper Treatment = £95

A choice of 3 full treatments ie the natural Tibetan Face Massage, the balancing Thai Foot Massage and a beautiful Pedicure.

4 hrs – Platinum Pamper Treatment = £125

A choice of 4 full treatments ie the wonderfully warming Hot Stone Massage, the rejuvenating Chinese Hand Massage, the balancing Thai Foot Massage and the holistic Thermal Auricular Therapy

If you would like a combination of Full and Mini Treatments, please give me a call and we'll arrange a session that's right you you..


Duration inclusive of Consultation/After Care Advice.

Please allow an extra 15 mins, however if this is your first appointment with me. Before booking an appointment, please read through links below as some conditions may be contra indicated. If you are in any doubt please contact me.

Many thanks:-




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